Median days on market drops to lowest point in years

The median days on the market hit 29 Days in April, the lowest level since tracking began in 2011 and 10 days faster than the same time last year. Source: National Association of Realtors, REALTORS Confidence Index

What Matters Most To Home Buyers [Inforgraphic]

What Matters Most To Home Buyers A growing popularity of urban housing in some metropolitan areas suggests that an increasing portion of home buyers desire more urban-style amenities. Key characteristics home buyers defined as “very important” 39% – Walkability 32% – Proximity to Work 26% – Neighborhood Diversity 25% – Access to Public Transportation Check out […]

Millennials redefine lifestages [Infographic]

It wasn’t too long ago when life events had a predetermined order that traditional way of life, went something like this: You lived with your parents, got a degree, started a career, got married, bought a house, had kids and you stayed in the same house long after the kids grew up and moved out. Today’s […]

Technology vs Community [Infographic]

A disconnect in community for tech savvy consumers With the rise of popular social networks such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and LinkedIn we are able to connect with hundreds if not thousands of people no matter their location. But with this virtual connection, there appears to be a real disconnect with ties to the community. […]

What is The White House Worth?

If you had several million burning in your pocket and were itching to make a grand real estate purchase, what could it buy you? Well, according to Zillow, $385 Million is just enough to buy The White House. Side note: Both candidates spent roughly $1 Billion in the 2012 election with the hopes of calling the White House their […]

What Millennials look for in real estate agents [Infographic]

One of the media’s favorite words has got to be Millenials. I hear the term millenials in just about everything these days. Today, I happen to be listening  in on a webinar on effective marketing when all of the sudden the conversation turned to Millenials and their habits. In fact the speaker commented that more […]

Why Are People Moving? [infographic]

From 2012 to 2013, 36 million people over the age of one reported moving. The U.S. Census Bureau recently released a report giving reasons to those numbers. As indicated by this report, the number one reason people are moving is housing. 48% of those surveyed cited they moved because of their desire to. Closely following, […]

West leads Nation in Existing-Home Sales & Prices

Limited supply of available homes for sale kept home prices on the rise Nationally while existing home sales slipped in parts of the country most affected by severe weather. On a National level, existing-home sales were down 0.4% in February compared to January, and 7.1% lower than February 2013.  The median home price in February […]

Top 10 Home Price Jumps Around The Country

US Zillow Home Value Index The rise in home values experienced this past year is nothing short of amazing in many parts of the Country. Entry-level Single Family Homes in Eastlake Trails, a neighborhood in Chula Vista, California which were selling for just under $300,000 this time last year are currently being sold for roughly […]

San Diego Home Prices: Not A Housing Bubble

There have been lots of discussions about the state of the housing market especially for us here in San Diego who have seen home prices rise over 20% from a year ago. In fact, much of the discussion leans towards calling this increase in home values a 2013 Housing Bubble with an economist on our […]