Millennials redefine lifestages [Infographic]

It wasn’t too long ago when life events had a predetermined order that traditional way of life, went something like this: You lived with your parents, got a degree, started a career, got married, bought a house, had kids and you stayed in the same house long after the kids grew up and moved out. Today’s […]

What Millennials look for in real estate agents [Infographic]

One of the media’s favorite words has got to be Millenials. I hear the term millenials in just about everything these days. Today, I happen to be listening  in on a webinar on effective marketing when all of the sudden the conversation turned to Millenials and their habits. In fact the speaker commented that more […]

Headlines in Real Estate for week ending December 21st 2012

Millennials still view homeowneship attractive, Fiscal Cliff talks put the MID at risk, CA home prices soar and much more on this week’s real estate headlines you may have missed. California home prices rise 25 percent (via San Francisco Chronicle) California’s median price continued to register double-digit gains from year-ago levels and strong sales of […]