Get To Know Your Realtor

There are many misconceptions about who Realtors® are, and what it is that they do. Below is some information gathered by the National Association of Realtors® about Realtors in 2013: The internet is the primary way buyers look for homes, and most Realtors have tapped into that marketing avenue. 66% of Realtors have their own […]

Home Buyer Focus: Schools over Price, Size & Condition

A recent study by the NATIONAL ASSOCIATION OF REALTORS® showed today’s home buyers are likely to compromise on price rather than schools. If you’ve ever purchased a home or even thought of doing so, you’ve probably had a home buying wish list consisting of various features, the neighborhood, perfect price, just the right size and upgrades […]

December Existing-Home Sales Down but Who Cares

Existing-home sales dipped slightly in December and that may be news worthy but among the data delivered Tuesday by the NATIONAL ASSOCIATION of REALTORS®, there is a much more important take away. Here are the most significant points of NAR’s release. December’s existing-home sales, which do not include new construction were down 1% month-over-month however, year-over-year sales […]

Why it feels homes sell before you get to them

In todays competitive real estate market many buyers find themseves frustrated at their choice of homes available. This can be especially true of those home buyers scouring the web without the help of a real estate professional or at least a competent one. The would be buyer will perform countless searches through consumer websites such […]

Headlines in Real Estate for week ending January 4th 2013

With the new year comes new regulations aimed at protecting homeowners, the cliff avoided and much more. Here are the real estate headlines you may have missed. New homeowner protections go into effect Jan. 1 San Diego Union-Tribune The start of the new year brings more protections to California homeowners, mainly those who are trying […]

The Social Benefits of Homeownership [Infographic]

Much is always said of the economic benefits owning a home brings yet there can be broader advantages which can often be overlooked. Below is an Infographic on the social benefits of homeownership based on a study conducted by the NATIONAL ASSOCIATION of REALTORS Was this useful? Share or leave a comment below!

Pending Home Sales: Now & Then

If you’ve been keeping up with the housing market lately you may have heard of a rebound in home prices and a lack of available homes for sale yet many don’t seem to beleive the real estate market is any better in 2012 than it was last year in 2011. The folks over at Keeping Current […]

Headlines in Real Estate for week ending November 16th 2012

Predictions: Home prices to rise 15% in 3 years, less foreclosures hitting the auction block, the hassles of appraisals and much more. Here are the real estate headlines you may have missed: New short-sale program offers relief for underwater homeowners (via Los Angeles Times) One of the federal government’s most-important financial relief efforts for underwater homeowners started operating […]

Headlines in Real Estate for week ending June 22nd 2012

Where are all the homes for sale? Foreign buyers ramp up and forecasts of a housing recovery. Here are the real estate headlines you may have missed: Taking advantage of low rates (via The New York Times) Mortgage rates continue to set new record lows, leaving many home buyers and refinancers wondering how low rates can go and how […]

Is The Sky Falling For Real Estate?

In case you missed it, the National Association of Realtors said demand for single family homes dropped to a 15 year low as existing homes sales dropped a record 27%, the largest month over month decrease since 1968. This comes as a surprise since many analysts expected a modest 13% drop. In addition to the drop in home […]