Why Buying A Home Requires A Local Expert

When buying a home you have a lot on you mind. Financing, closing costs, contingencies and even crazy sellers at times. Having confidence in your real estate agent shouldn’t be something left to chance. Buying a home is nothing like selling a home. I can confidently say I can list any property from San Diego […]

Your First Step To Buying a Home: Prepare

What happens when you don’t prepare for for something? It either doesn’t happen or does so with so much added stress, cost, time and energy. This is true of all aspects of your life and applies just as much to the home buying process. If you do not prepare, expect a bumpy road ahead. “Before […]

The real difference between cash and financing

Is a cash offer really better than a financed offer to purchase a home? We’ve all heard the expression “Cash is King”, But have you thought of why? Check out the video below and let us know your thoughts.

Buyers’ Social Media Use On The Rise [infographic]

Searching for tips, looking for agent referrals- These are just some of the ways today’s Buyers are turning to social media as part of their home-buying process. Here’s an infographic showing how many, and why, buyers are using this tool:   C.A.R. 2014 Survey of California Home Buyers indicated that 77% of home buyers used […]

10 Ways To Prepare for Homeownership

Working towards your goal of owning a home can be quite the headache if you don’t know what to expect. Things will go much smoother for you if you plan ahead and know just what to expect. Here are 10 ways to prepare for homeownership: 1. Decide what you can afford. Having an idea in […]

Amenities Worth Sacrificing For

When looking for your next home, there are always sacrifices to be made. According to the latest Home Index Survey conducted by PulteGroup, one of the nation’s largest homebuilders, home buyers are willing to sacrifice some key draws about a property for certain features. Of the 1,000 adults surveyed, almost half of them said they were willing to give up […]

How Do Buyers Evaluate Real Estate Crushes? [Infographic]

Whether it’s love or real estate, having a short list of deal breakers is critical for weeding through crushes to find “the one.” 69% of home-buyers surveyed reported that they have had a “house crush.” Of those surveyed, the top attributes for women were: outdoor living space (54%), an open floor plans (42%), followed by […]

FHA Loans, Easy To Qualify, Hard To Find

FHA loans allow you to qualify with little money down and a lower credit score than with conventional financing. For these reasons, FHA loans are the preferred and sometimes only option for 1st time home buyers or those with blemishes on their credit reports looking to enter the real estate market. FHA has its downsides. […]

3 Reasons NOT To Buy Real Estate Today

It may be counter intuitive for a real estate professional to suggest clients not buy a home yet that is exactly what I’ve advised a half-dozen of my clients for the time being. Last week I shared the historical view that San Diego’s current real estate market is not a Housing Bubble but that does not […]

Home Buyer Focus: Schools over Price, Size & Condition

A recent study by the NATIONAL ASSOCIATION OF REALTORS® showed today’s home buyers are likely to compromise on price rather than schools. If you’ve ever purchased a home or even thought of doing so, you’ve probably had a home buying wish list consisting of various features, the neighborhood, perfect price, just the right size and upgrades […]