Headlines in Real Estate for week ending November 16th 2012

Predictions: Home prices to rise 15% in 3 years, less foreclosures hitting the auction block, the hassles of appraisals and much more. Here are the real estate headlines you may have missed: New short-sale program offers relief for underwater homeowners (via Los Angeles Times) One of the federal government’s most-important financial relief efforts for underwater homeowners started operating […]

Headlines in Real Estate for week ending September 1st 2012

Consumer confidence drops while home prices indicate a housing recovery, the difference professional photos make in selling your home and much more. Here are the real estate headlines you may have missed this week: Home prices signal recovery may be here (via CNNMoney) The S&P/Case-Shiller national home price index, which covers more than 80 percent of […]

Owe Too Much On Your Home: Your Ways Out

It’s no secret that millions of Americans are currently upsidedown on their homes, meaning they owe more than their home is worth. In fact, since the peak of the market, California has experienced a 45% Decline in home values. If you were lucky enough to buy your home in the early 2000s then you are […]

Who Knows What About Short Sales?

As I manage my real estate business helping clients buy and sell their homes in Chula Vista, I constantly run across agents in the MLS (the multiple listing service) which all claim to be “Short Sale Experts”. Funny enough, it’s been my experience that those same agents advertising themselves as “Short Sale Experts” are the […]

I Am Upside Down, Now What? [Part 2]

I’m upside down, now what? In part 1 I went over the the sense of entitlement some home owners may have due to their declining property values yet have no financial hardship. In today’s part 2 I’m talking to those who are facing financial difficulties . There has been much talk following the housing collapse […]

I Am Upside Down, Now What? [Part 1]

I’m upside down, now what? We hear more and more these days about the growing number of home owners falling behind on their mortgage payments. With the over development of housing in San Diego county and especially in east chula vista during the peak of the housing bubble, it makes sense that these areas would […]