Sense of Community at home and work by income [Infographic]

Buyers’ Social Media Use On The Rise [infographic]

Searching for tips, looking for agent referrals- These are just some of the ways today’s Buyers are turning to social media as part of their home-buying process. Here’s an infographic showing how many, and why, buyers are using this tool:   C.A.R. 2014 Survey of California Home Buyers indicated that 77% of home buyers used […]

Home is Never Far Away [Infographic]

Well, almost never. A recent Renters Survey conducted by California Association of Realtors® shows that most renters who plan to purchase in the near future will stay close to where they currently live. Here’s an infographic indicating how the numbers break down: Of those surveyed, 41% of renters said they’d live in the same county […]

It Pays to Use A REALTOR [Infographic]

Here’s a breakdown of the typical For Sale By Owner (FSBO) home sold versus the home sold with the assistance of a Realtor, and the potential challenges of doing it on your own. Interested in a free home valuation? Contact us today at 619.512.0006 and check out why most people choose Daniel here.

Cities Leading The Housing Recovery [Infographic]

Based on indicators such as inventory, median list price, days on the market, and search and listing activity, these towns are leading the nation’s housing recovery. Is yours on the list?

CA Equity Home Sales On A Roll

Four out of very five homes for sale in California were equity sales in July. This trend of traditional sales has been on the rise for 17 of the past 18 months according to the CALIFORNIA ASSOCIATION OF REALTORS®.

Owning a Home is Still the Dream [Infographic]

Owning a home has always been synonymous with the “American Dream” but with the heart ache brought on by the collapse of the housing market, do most Americans still believe owning a home is the American Dream? Was this useful? Share or leave a comment below!

The Social Benefits of Homeownership [Infographic]

Much is always said of the economic benefits owning a home brings yet there can be broader advantages which can often be overlooked. Below is an Infographic on the social benefits of homeownership based on a study conducted by the NATIONAL ASSOCIATION of REALTORS Was this useful? Share or leave a comment below!

California’s Most Affordable Counties [Infographic]

Housing affordability is something that gets thrown around quite often so it’s important to understand what economists and realtors are talking about when referencing C.A.R.’s Housing Affordability Index. This measures the percentage of households that can afford to buy a home based on the median price of a single-family home in that specific area. Below […]

Where Are House Prices Headed? (Expanded)

Below is a blog post by the KCM Crew at Keeping Current Matters in which they look at the projections made by several groups and economists of where they believe home prices will be by the end of 2013: We are often asked where we think home prices are headed over the next year. Recently, several […]