Always Ready To Help

Daniel helped us sell our home in Eastlake. We had an Open House on a Saturday and our home was SOLD by Monday!  Daniel was there every step of the way all the paperwork, inspections and move out. He is always ready to help and returns calls and texts within minutes!  He knows the area […]

Feeling Good About Home Prices [infographic]

The 2013 Home Seller Survey results are in, and they’re quite optimistic. Here is what Sellers are projecting home prices to increase by over the next few years:

Headlines in Real Estate for week ending March 1st 2013

More first-time home buyers have tough time entering the market Los Angeles Times Los High unemployment for young people, strict lending standards and massive student debt loads are among the factors hurting entry-level buyers. Read Full Story Survey: Single-family renters more likely to stay longer The Wall Street Journal Renters who opt for single-family homes […]

The Value of Photos: 3 Tips For Home Sellers

If you’ve ever house hunted online before you’ve probably come across a few properties that had not a single photo of the property. Unless you are familiar with that specific property or neighborhood, most of us will automatically pass on that property without giving it a second chance. As a seller this should be concering since […]

Ways Sellers Can Improve Their Home Appraisal

In today’s real estate market, selling a home can have its complications. One hurdle which can make or break the deal is the appraisal. Home appraisals are based on recent sales prices of comparable properties. And in rising price markets, those sales prices might not be high enough to support new home sale prices. Here […]

Housing demand too strong for supply

It wasn’t too long ago when for sale and foreclosure signs lined our streets and neighborhoods for months on end with buyers afraid to make a move only to see home values drop more. Those days however are long gone. In San San Diego County, a home seller can expect to receive multiple offers on […]

Preventable problems for home sellers

Financing delays, low appraisals, title problems, home inspections, and even buyer’s remorse can interfere with a seller’s ability to close a sale. The good news though is that many of these problems are preventable if sellers are proactive and involved. Sellers should seek out a buyer who has been pre-approved for a mortgage.  Typically, the buyer’s […]

Headlines in Real Estate for week ending December 28th 2012

The Fiscal Cliff impact on struggling homeowners, solutions to low appraisals, first time buyers, November prices and sales jump in this weeks real estate headlines you may have missed. What to do when an appraisal comes in below the selling price The Washington Post As the real estate market heats up and prices continue to […]

6 Tax Facts Home Sellers Should Know [Inforgraphic]

With 2012 coming to a close, it’s best to cross those “T”s and dot those “I”s for the upcoming tax season. selling a home is a big deal especially when the proceeds result in a net gain upwards of $250,000. Knowing your tax exemptions and liabilities is essential and is hopefully considered prior to selling […]

Where Are House Prices Headed? (Expanded)

Below is a blog post by the KCM Crew at Keeping Current Matters in which they look at the projections made by several groups and economists of where they believe home prices will be by the end of 2013: We are often asked where we think home prices are headed over the next year. Recently, several […]