The Value of Photos: 3 Tips For Home Sellers

If you’ve ever house hunted online before you’ve probably come across a few properties that had not a single photo of the property. Unless you are familiar with that specific property or neighborhood, most of us will automatically pass on that property without giving it a second chance. As a seller this should be concering since your pool of potential buyers shrinks dramatically and likely reduces your sales price.

Studies have shown adding at least one photo to a residential real estate listing can up the final sale price by 3.9 percent. That’s over $14,000 when compared to today’s median home price in San Diego of $367,500.

Photos are already fairly established in listings, with roughly 85 percent of online listings including photos. A study on photos in real estate by Florida International University’s Hollo School of Real Estate found that the type of photo also matters. Buyers typically look at five or six photos before making a determination whether to continue looking. To get buyers to stay on the listing, sellers are advised to do the following:

1. Remove large pieces of furniture
Clearing a room of large furniture can make a home seem more spacious. Buyers often have trouble picturing thier own belongings in a home with overbearing or distracting furniture so it’s best to remove or minimize those to attract a wider range of buyers to your home.

2. Remember the front door
Sellers should pay special attention to the entrance to the house; pressure clean the sidewalk, plant some flowers, and trim the landscaping. We all like to make first impressions, the same should be true about your property. The home buying process is an emotional one in which properties can easily be eliminated by the fist look regardless of the interior. Make your home worthy of the title “Dream Home” regardless of the price range.

3. Look for details
Photographers often recommend shooting form the corner of a room with a wide-angle zoom lens to show a room at its largest. As the home owner you are fully aware of how large and useful your home’s rooms are but buyers do not. Make sure to review the photos which will be displayed to showcase your property and evaluate if they truly represent your home’s best features. If you have a large great room make sure the photo reflects it’s grandure.

Share your thoughts! What other photographic tips would you recommend to a seller in today’s real estate market?

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