Fresh-Baked Cookie Smell Won’t Sell Your Home

Just about everyone loves the smell of fresh-baked cookies, but new research suggests that aromas do not help sell homes. A study by Washington State University found that although homeowners are often told to create pleasing aromas when potential buyers pay a visit, that complex smells, like baked goods and potpourri, are likely to dampen enthusiasm […]

Headlines in Real Estate for week ending February 15th 2013

In case Valentine’s Day caused you to miss anything, here are some real estate headlines you might have missed this week. The Value of Photos: 3 Tips For Home Sellers Di Matteo Group Studies have shown adding at least one photo to a residential real estate listing can up the final sale price by 3.9 […]

The Value of Photos: 3 Tips For Home Sellers

If you’ve ever house hunted online before you’ve probably come across a few properties that had not a single photo of the property. Unless you are familiar with that specific property or neighborhood, most of us will automatically pass on that property without giving it a second chance. As a seller this should be concering since […]