Interest Rates: Sharp Rise Costs Buyers Thousands

Most home buyers don’t realize the true impact interest rates have on their buying power aside from the higher/lower payment they lock in for the foreseeable future. The fact is, mortgage rates have taken a sharp upturn now near 4% compared to 3.25% just a few months ago.

How Interest Rates Affect Mortgage Payments [Infographic]

With interest rates at historic lows, home buyers waiting on the sidelines may find themselves paying more in the near future as rates creep higher. Below is an Infographic from the California Association of Realtors which shows us how interest rates affect mortgage payments. Share your thought. Where do you think interest rates will be […]

Headlines in Real Estate for week ending January 18th 2013

Al look at real estate headlines you may have missed this week. Sharp increase in home prices, fiscal cliff benefits, interest rates and so much more. Year-over-year U.S. home prices up sharply in November San Francisco Chronicle U.S. home prices in November extended their steady recovery from the housing bust, rising 7.4 percent compared with […]

Interest Rates, how long can a trend continue

If you’ve heard anyone speak on the topic of interest rates for the past year or so you may have heard the phrase “all time low” here and there. The fact is we have experienced several all time lows for a couple of years which have helped the housing market regain it’s footing since its collapse […]

Where Are House Prices Headed? (Expanded)

Below is a blog post by the KCM Crew at Keeping Current Matters in which they look at the projections made by several groups and economists of where they believe home prices will be by the end of 2013: We are often asked where we think home prices are headed over the next year. Recently, several […]

Interest Rates: A History [Infographic]

With interest rates at an all-time historic low, it’s easy to get complacent and take them for granted. Here’s a look back at the 1980’s with interest rates of 18.45% at the peak to September 2012 of 3.47%. Wow, what a deal! Was this useful? Share or leave a comment below!

Headlines in Real Estate for week ending September 21st 2012

Housing recovery under way, decrease in homes for sale, life after bankruptcy and much more. Here are the real estate headlines you may have missed this week: Shortage of California homes up for sale (via San Francisco Chronicle) After years of having too many homes and not enough buyers, real estate agents in California now have […]

Headlines in Real Estate for week ending June 22nd 2012

Where are all the homes for sale? Foreign buyers ramp up and forecasts of a housing recovery. Here are the real estate headlines you may have missed: Taking advantage of low rates (via The New York Times) Mortgage rates continue to set new record lows, leaving many home buyers and refinancers wondering how low rates can go and how […]

It’s a Good Time to Buy [Infographic]

Is it really a good time to buy? According to the graphic below it is! Check out the combination of historically low interest rates and the low price of homes for sale in California. Was this useful? Share or leave a comment below!

Positives and Negatives in Real Estate

There was some good news and not so good news for the real estate market yesterday which added to the uncertainty in the future of the world economy. The Bad Existing home sales fell by over 12% from a month earlier which was the biggest month over month drop this year. One thing to point […]