Interest Rates, how long can a trend continue

If you’ve heard anyone speak on the topic of interest rates for the past year or so you may have heard the phrase “all time low” here and there. The fact is we have experienced several all time lows for a couple of years which have helped the housing market regain it’s footing since its collapse […]

Killing the Housing Recovery One Bill At A Time

(Updated August 12th,2010) H.R.5981, a recently introduced bill will have some deep implications when it comes to the future of the housing recovery. This new piece of legislation will give FHA the authority to make changes to the current way of collecting mortgage insurance premiums. The Housing and Urban Development Agency announced their plans to […]

A New Record For Defaulting Mortgages

A report this morning by CNBC showed the pace at which homeowners defaulted on their home loans slowed over the summer for the third straight quarter but the overall rate of delinquency hit a new high. Transunion, the credit reporting agency showed that for the months of July, August and September, 6.25% of all U.S. […]