Headlines in Real Estate for week ending November 23rd 2012

Thanksgiving has passed us by so in case these stories did too, here are the real estate headlines you may have missed this week:   Real estate contracts: Clauses that could scuttle a deal (via Los Angeles Times) Most real estate sales contracts include the basics, such as the agreed-upon sales price and a closing date, but […]

Foreclosures Up, Defaults Down?

A look into what caused a 41.9% spike in foreclosures for the month of December and why are notices of default declining. Should we expect to see many new forclosures on the market? No In Case you missed it there was an article in the San Diego Union Tribune, written by Roger Showley which showed […]

A New Record For Defaulting Mortgages

A report this morning by CNBC showed the pace at which homeowners defaulted on their home loans slowed over the summer for the third straight quarter but the overall rate of delinquency hit a new high. Transunion, the credit reporting agency showed that for the months of July, August and September, 6.25% of all U.S. […]