Why Buying A Home Requires A Local Expert

When buying a home you have a lot on you mind. Financing, closing costs, contingencies and even crazy sellers at times. Having confidence in your real estate agent shouldn’t be something left to chance. Buying a home is nothing like selling a home. I can confidently say I can list any property from San Diego […]

Your First Step To Buying a Home: Prepare

What happens when you don’t prepare for for something? It either doesn’t happen or does so with so much added stress, cost, time and energy. This is true of all aspects of your life and applies just as much to the home buying process. If you do not prepare, expect a bumpy road ahead. “Before […]

Things Homebuyers Should Never Say

Buying a home is a very emotional process and can lead some to say more or less than what is needed to successfully negotiate the best deal. I am always scouring the web for real estate news and articles to not only stay on top of the real estate market but also to see what […]

How Selling a home to buy another works

If you’ve ever bought a home before, you are likely to be somewhat familiar with the home buying process even if you purchased your property 15 years ago. What you may not be familiar with is how to go about buying a home if you need to sell your current residence. As of this moment […]

$10 Million House: Making Sense of Zuckerberg Purchase

As a San Diego real estate professional, I pride myself in staying up to date with all real estate trends and news not only for my clients but for myself as well. Whether it be real estate in Chula Vista, San Diego, California or the world for that matter I always like to stay in […]

Buying Short Sales: 3 Things Your Agent Must Check

If you’re at all familiar with the concept of short sales you know there can be some serious flaws in the way banks and sometimes agents manage the process. Buyers brave enough (or patient enough) to consider short sales as part of their home search should be sure their real estate agent spots any problems […]

How Interest Rates Affect Mortgage Payments [Infographic]

With interest rates at historic lows, home buyers waiting on the sidelines may find themselves paying more in the near future as rates creep higher. Below is an Infographic from the California Association of Realtors which shows us how interest rates affect mortgage payments. Share your thought. Where do you think interest rates will be […]

Headlines in Real Estate for week ending December 7th 2012

Buying a home over the holiday season, biggest 6 year jump in home prices and so much more. Here are real estate headlines you may have missed this week: Should you buy a home during the holidays? (via San Diego Union-Tribune) Once Thanksgiving is over, the real estate world typically starts to wind down for the […]

The Home Buying Process [Infographic]

The graphic below shows us how many properties a typical home buyer viewed before purchasing as well how most people tend find their home. How many homes did you view before purchasing?