What Millennials look for in real estate agents [Infographic]

One of the media’s favorite words has got to be Millenials. I hear the term millenials in just about everything these days. Today, I happen to be listening  in on a webinar on effective marketing when all of the sudden the conversation turned to Millenials and their habits. In fact the speaker commented that more than half of the world population was under the age of 30 (No fact checking here). By that reasoning, Millenials do, and will continue to play a tremendous role in all aspects of the economy including real estate.

The CALIFORNRIA ASSOCIATION OF REALTORS® 2014 Millenial Survey gives us some insight as to what is important to this demographic as it relates to real estate but more specifically what Millenials look for in a real estate agent to help them which greatly differs from How Buyers & Sellers Choose a Real Estate Firm

Real estate agent Responsiveness and Knowledge were the top of Millenial preferences at 31% and 27% respectively. What really stands is how low of a factor, Negotiation Power (8%) and Aggressiveness (4%) was for Millenials surveyed.

This response might be explained by the disenchantment in the housing market since the downturn, removing any sense of urgency most buyers have when buying a home. Eliminating the need for aggressiveness on the part of the real estate agent.

Why do you think Aggressiveness and Negotiation Power areb’t important to Millenials entering the housing market? Share your thoughts

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