Buying Short Sales: 3 Things Your Agent Must Check

If you’re at all familiar with the concept of short sales you know there can be some serious flaws in the way banks and sometimes agents manage the process. Buyers brave enough (or patient enough) to consider short sales as part of their home search should be sure their real estate agent spots any problems […]

Tips for getting your offer accepted

Getting an offer accepted in this market can be a challenge, especially when searching for properties at or below the median home price for any given area. Knowing how to structure an offer and doing some research can certainly increase your odds and possibly get you into that home you actually want vs. the only […]

Top 10 Remodeling Projects [Infographic]

For homeowners looking to sell their home there comes a moment when you need to decide if making improvements prior to selling is worth the investment or if you’d be better off saving your hard earned money and leaving your home as it stands. Below you’ll see the 10 most worthwhile remodeling projects one can […]

3 Tips to Staying in Love with your Home

When living in a home for any significant amount of time, it’s only natural for us to get bored with it and start feeling as if you’ve outgrown this place you once fell in love with and call home. Here are some tips on how to spice up your home and hopefully have you say […]

The Value of Photos: 3 Tips For Home Sellers

If you’ve ever house hunted online before you’ve probably come across a few properties that had not a single photo of the property. Unless you are familiar with that specific property or neighborhood, most of us will automatically pass on that property without giving it a second chance. As a seller this should be concering since […]

Ways Sellers Can Improve Their Home Appraisal

In today’s real estate market, selling a home can have its complications. One hurdle which can make or break the deal is the appraisal. Home appraisals are based on recent sales prices of comparable properties. And in rising price markets, those sales prices might not be high enough to support new home sale prices. Here […]

Why it feels homes sell before you get to them

In todays competitive real estate market many buyers find themseves frustrated at their choice of homes available. This can be especially true of those home buyers scouring the web without the help of a real estate professional or at least a competent one. The would be buyer will perform countless searches through consumer websites such […]

Guide to buying real estate at auctions

Many home buyers think that real estate auctions are the best way to get a good deal on a home.  While there are certainly deals to be had, auctions also can be dangerous for buyers. Here are a few tips for those brave enough to take on real estate auctions. Buyers planning to attend an […]

Preventable problems for home sellers

Financing delays, low appraisals, title problems, home inspections, and even buyer’s remorse can interfere with a seller’s ability to close a sale. The good news though is that many of these problems are preventable if sellers are proactive and involved. Sellers should seek out a buyer who has been pre-approved for a mortgage.  Typically, the buyer’s […]

6 Tax Facts Home Sellers Should Know [Inforgraphic]

With 2012 coming to a close, it’s best to cross those “T”s and dot those “I”s for the upcoming tax season. selling a home is a big deal especially when the proceeds result in a net gain upwards of $250,000. Knowing your tax exemptions and liabilities is essential and is hopefully considered prior to selling […]