Owe Too Much On Your Home: Your Ways Out

It’s no secret that millions of Americans are currently upsidedown on their homes, meaning they owe more than their home is worth. In fact, since the peak of the market, California has experienced a 45% Decline in home values. If you were lucky enough to buy your home in the early 2000s then you are […]

Effort & Perseverance

Hi Daniel, Hope you’re doing great.  Regarding our short sale process on 68th St, we really appreciate your effort and perseverance in completing the closing. There were many steps and updates of information to complete. We didn’t run into any problems and the closing went smoothly. We were recommended to you by our Tax professional and it […]

I Was Referred By Two Friends

I had the good fortune of working with Daniel Di Matteo on the sale of my last residence. He was very knowledgeable and made the process as easy as possible. In my situation I needed a short-sale approval from my lenders and he was able to obtain the approvals quickly. I initially was concerned with […]

3 Real Estate Topics You Might Have Missed

This week turned out to be all about Short Sales in one way or another. With most of the inventory on the market being short sales it’s easy to see why much news is made about them. A short sale is the process in which a homeowner sells his/her property for less than what is […]

Does Wells Fargo Email Signals “End Of Short Sales”

Short sales have dominated the housing market for the past few years with up to 50% of properties for sale in some areas of the country. This trend seemed poised to remain constant until I received an interesting email. Earlier this week, real estate agents who had been working with Wells Fargo on short sales all received a generic […]

Why Is The 2nd Lender So Stupid?

I usually like to be objective when writting these blogs but if there is one thing that really gets to me is sheer stupidity on the part of many lenders who tend to be the 2nd and sometimes the 3rd lender. The following discusion involves short sale transactions and the unwillingness of 2nd lenders to […]

3 Things to Consider When Buying a Short Sale

In today’s real estate market it’s nearly impossible for those looking to buy a home in Chula Vista or San Diego County for that matter to avoid running into Short Sales. A Short Sale is the sale of a property in which the proceeds of the sale will be insufficient to cover the lien attached […]

Who Knows What About Short Sales?

As I manage my real estate business helping clients buy and sell their homes in Chula Vista, I constantly run across agents in the MLS (the multiple listing service) which all claim to be “Short Sale Experts”. Funny enough, it’s been my experience that those same agents advertising themselves as “Short Sale Experts” are the […]

Seeing what could, instead of what is

With so many distressed properties for sale in Chula Vista on the market today, buyers will often view properties than are less than perfect. As home owners are unable to sustain their mortgage payments, upkeep and maintenance undoubtedly goes unattended. The problem most buyers face in this situation is the lack of vision. When I say […]

I Am Upside Down, Now What? [Part 1]

I’m upside down, now what? We hear more and more these days about the growing number of home owners falling behind on their mortgage payments. With the over development of housing in San Diego county and especially in east chula vista during the peak of the housing bubble, it makes sense that these areas would […]