Seeing what could, instead of what is

With so many distressed properties for sale in Chula Vista on the market today, buyers will often view properties than are less than perfect.
As home owners are unable to sustain their mortgage payments, upkeep and maintenance undoubtedly goes unattended.

The problem most buyers face in this situation is the lack of vision.
When I say this, I don’t mean it in an offensive manner but as a reminder that not every one has the same strengths and weaknesses.
Many people have a difficult time seeing the potential in many homes for sale that quite honestly can look like crack houses.

As my wife and I went out for my Birthday dinner last night in Old Town (15 minutes north of Chula Vista), the first thing I did when entering the restaurant was rebuilding the interior in my head. I removed certain elements, expanded others and added things altogether to fit what my mind would consider the best looking restaurant should I have the opportunity to do so.
What I realized is that I tend to do this every where I go. Picking apart every aspect and visualy modifying it to my liking.

This is what I recommend home buyers attempt to do in this housing market.
As the video shows, something I had to do with my wife to show her the potential in our home was showing her a similar home for sale that had been completely remodeled.

If as a home buyer you are able to do what I’ve mentioned here. You will have much more options when looking for a home and much more satisfied with the home you’ve purchased.

What can it look like and what it looks like can be extremely different with a simple coat of paint.

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