Headlines in Real Estate for week ending November 30th 2012

Home prices keep rising across the country as the lack of homes available for sale continues. Here are the real estate headlines you may have missed this week: Factoring in commuting costs (via The New York Times) A recent study by the Center for Housing Policy and the Center for Neighborhood Technology suggests that borrowers […]

Headlines in Real Estate for week ending November 9th 2012

Poor service among reported among lenders, staggering 81% rise in home prices and much more. Here are the latest real estate headlines you may have missed: Potential borrowers eager to find lenders with superior service (via Los Angeles Times) A poll by Carlisle & Gallagher Consulting Group found that more than a third of potential borrowers would be […]

Headlines in Real Estate for week ending October 26th 2012

This week we’ve seen lots of real estate news from a  law suit aimed at major financial institution to the decrease in inventory across the nation, especially lower priced homes. Here are the headlines in real estate you may have missed this week: End is nigh for certain tax exemptions (via The New York Times) Currently, any debt forgiven […]

3 Real Estate Topics You Might Have Missed

This week turned out to be all about Short Sales in one way or another. With most of the inventory on the market being short sales it’s easy to see why much news is made about them. A short sale is the process in which a homeowner sells his/her property for less than what is […]

Does Wells Fargo Email Signals “End Of Short Sales”

Short sales have dominated the housing market for the past few years with up to 50% of properties for sale in some areas of the country. This trend seemed poised to remain constant until I received an interesting email. Earlier this week, real estate agents who had been working with Wells Fargo on short sales all received a generic […]