Headlines in Real Estate for week ending November 16th 2012

Predictions: Home prices to rise 15% in 3 years, less foreclosures hitting the auction block, the hassles of appraisals and much more. Here are the real estate headlines you may have missed: New short-sale program offers relief for underwater homeowners (via Los Angeles Times) One of the federal government’s most-important financial relief efforts for underwater homeowners started operating […]

6 Tax Facts Home Sellers Should Know [Inforgraphic]

With 2012 coming to a close, it’s best to cross those “T”s and dot those “I”s for the upcoming tax season. selling a home is a big deal especially when the proceeds result in a net gain upwards of $250,000. Knowing your tax exemptions and liabilities is essential and is hopefully considered prior to selling […]

Most Common Pricing Mistakes [Infographic]

Pricing your home for sale is one of the most important elements when listing your property for sale. Get it wrong and chances are you’ll either leave some money on the table or won’t sell at all. Below are the top 4 most common pricing mistakes you can make when selling your home. Was this useful? […]