5 Reasons Why You Need A Realtor [Infographic]

Working with a Realtor can have its advantages as evidenced by the fact that 91% of California home buyers in 2013 used a Realtor for their purchase. Here are the top 5 reasons why you need a Realtor in your next home buying experience.

5 Reasons You Needa Realtor

1. Price Negotiation

Pricing is the number factor in every home buying experience. Price Negotiating can kill the deal when handled incorrectly. An experienced Realtor can guide a you to make the best offer you and the seller will be happy with.

2. Negotiating Terms Of Sale

Price is not the only thing we fight for. Consider time frames fro everything involved in the sale. Different financing options translate to different requirements which need to be negotiated with the seller and can sometimes be much more important that pricing alone.

3. Determining Comparable Homes For Sale

Knowing what other properties have sold for nearby greatly influences a buyer and seller’s decision making. Standing behind accurate and concrete numbers help you get an edge over the competition and reach a successful sale.

4. Determining Affordability

Knowing what you can afford can be a little tricky in areas such as Otay Ranch and Eastlake where we have Mello Roos and multiple Homeowners Associations. These can greatly reduce the affordability of homes. A Realtor will be able to inform you on which communities or developments feature these extra fees and will be able to determine which specific areas you can afford based on your budget.

5. Finding The Right Home

Have you tried to Search Homes For Sale on your own? If you have, you may have found yourself calling on multiple properties only to find them to have been sold months ago. A Realtor will have access to all current homes for sale and sometimes have a leg up on properties coming soon. Your Realtor’s experience with you will lead them to locate the best homes that match not only your criteria but also you personality.

Infographic is brought to you by the California Association of Realtors

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