SIRVA Relocation

Thank you and your clients for your interest in submitting an offer on a SIRVA Relocation property. The following is information is intended to inform you and your buyers as to the differences and/or requirements to submit an offer on a SIRVA Relocation property. This can seem intimidating however, the process is quite simple when following SIRVA’s guidelines. If you have any questions about these requirements please feel free to call Daniel Di Matteo at (619) 512-0006.

Note: We cannot accept electronic signatures on any documents for the sale of this home. SIRVA requires a copy of EMD and proof of funds regardless of financing type.

The following Must ALL be included in your Offer Package
All offer documents can be found here: SIRVA OFFER DOCS & SIRVA DISCLOSURES

1. The offer (CA-RPA)
The following verbiage must be inserted in every contract: (CA-RPA Paragraph 6)

Contingent upon SIRVA Relocation LLC being able to deliver good and marketable title to the property. Contingent upon the Buyer signing SIRVA Relocation LLC’s rider, addenda and releases (addenda). All SIRVA Addenda to be made part of and attached to this agreement upon signature of buyer.

2. Rider to Sales Agreement (Found in SIRVA OFFER DOCS)
(Complete Paragraph 1. Buyer initials on grid box, page 2, and a signature on the last page)

3. Closing Agent Selection Agreement (Found in SIRVA OFFER DOCS)
(Buyer to sign page 2)

4. SIRVA Disclosures (Found in SIRVA DISCLOSURES)
(Buyer to sign/initial all SIRVA disclosures and local disclosures)

5. Buyer Information Form & Lender Pre-Approval (Found in SIRVA OFFER DOCS)
(Buyer to complete and sign) Note: Pre-approval must clearly state: Credit, Income and Assets have been verified.

6. Notice of Affiliated Business Arrangements (Found in SIRVA OFFER DOCS)
(Buyer to page 2)

7. Indoor Air Quality Disclaimer (Found in SIRVA OFFER DOCS)
(Buyer to initial)

With this listing there is a special financing incentive available though SIRVA Mortgage.

Download all documents here: SIRVA OFFER DOCS & SIRVA DISCLOSURES

Agents: SIRVA DISCLOSURES only contain signature pages for the following:

Homeowner’s Guide to Earthquake Safety
Local Area Disclosures for San Diego County