Nominate Daniel for San Diego’s BEST!

San Diego, we need your help! We have had a great year so far, and would love your help to nominate us for The Union Tribune Readers Poll, San Diego’s BEST 2014. It’s very easy to do and would help us a lot if you would take some time out of your day to vote for Daniel Di Matteo, Century 21 Award. If you aren’t sure how to do it, follow these 6 easy steps we’ve put together for you. Your vote can go a long way and it will help us maintain and cultivate our presence in San Diego. Thanks for your support!

1. From the home page, select the NOMINATE tab:



2. Under “Select A Category,” select “REAL ESTATE:”



3. Scroll down to find “REAL ESTATE AGENT” and click on the > arrow for a drop-down:



4. At the bottom of the list, in the text bar, type in “Daniel Di Matteo, Century 21 Award” (It should auto-populate but just in case, make sure to use correct spelling):



5. Once you have typed in the name, you will see a pop up asking for your email. Submit and press “Continue:”


6. If you are not a member, you’ll need to register. Take note that if you do not wish to receive information from U-T San Diego, you’ll need to un-check the pre-selected box before registering:


7. Once you have registered, it will take you back to the “REAL ESTATE AGENT” page where you should see your nomination at the bottom:


You ready for the real thing? You can do it!