China’s Bubble: Update

In an effort to control the rapid pace of lending and increasing home values the
Chinese government has been taking extreme steps to slow this growth.

I wanted to update you on a video I shot a couple weeks ago called “China’s
Housing Bubble” because there have been a few developments sice then, last week
China’s central bank has increased their reserve requirements and the Chinese
government has ordered major Chinese banks to curb lendeing for the month of
January. The combination of both of these measures are concerning me a bit. The
National Inflation Asociation on the other hand are not concerned with it at all
and stated they saw China’s housing market as justified by it’s economic
There are some mixed signals, not too sure what to think of it. In my
opinion something is going down… but you obviously don’t hear very much about
it in the media like in the case of Dubai’s crisis, we only heard about it when
it blew up.
Hopefully that won’t happen.

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