Make Your Home Stand Out for Sale

Whether buying or selling, there are plenty of things to consider during your real estate venture. Di Matteo Group wants to make sure you are well-informed and prepared every step of the way. This month’s Tip of The Month is for Sellers:

Make Your Home Stand Out for Sale

When selling your property, the small touches and details go a long way to the Buyer. Tackling the small stuff now could make all the difference when Buyers are viewing your home. Here are a few things to consider when prepping for a sale:

Start with the first things potential buyers will see, and make it easy for them to love your home. Trim bushes, clean driveways and walkways, lay down a new welcome door mat, match all hardware, change out broken light-bulbs, and clean windows.

Inside the home, you’ll want to make room everywhere you can to allow potential buyers to envision themselves there. Clear off counter tops, de-clutter rooms, minimize the amount of things in all closets, and hide cleaning supplies and tools. Organize and hide all toys, and remove all prescription drugs from the medicine cabinets.

If you haven’t touched those toilets in month, now is the time. Scrub those toilets, wash windows, dust, and wax. Text and clean all lights throughout the house. If there are areas that need to be repainted or touched up, you’ll want to take care of that before advertising your home.

Find simple ways to make your home lovable. Add cozy linens to beds and couches, put out fresh towels in every bathroom. These extra steps go a long way.

Making your home ready for sale is a priority to your Realtor. He can provide plenty of guidance through the process, so don’t be afraid to ask. These small details are sure to prepare you well to present your home and is time well-spent.

Are there any things you would add to this list? Tell us below.



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