How To Choose A Real Estate Agent

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You’re ready to buy your first home or are looking to upgrade to a larger property but need to find that right real estate agent to get the job of selling or buying done. But where do you start with your search of a real estate agent?

Choosing the right realtor or real estate agent will significantly impact the chances your real estate transaction will be a success. Making this decision lightly may lead to lots of stress, lost time or worse, loss of hard earned money.

So where do you start?

You want to gather about 2-5 names and speak to and/or meet with each one of them individually. There is no one size fits all when it comes to real estate agents which is why there are so many to begin with. Here in Chula Vista, California there are currently over 970 Realtors so figure out which one makes you the most comfortable and the most confident in reaching your real estate goal.

Where do I find real estate agents?

Friends and family

Your friends, co-workers and family members will likely know of a number of local real estate agents they or someone they know have had experiences with. This is one of the few times when you will get honest feedback on service providers such as a local realtor because it comes to you unfiltered by someone who you trust. Get a couple recommendations look them up (see Search the Web below) and don’t rush into anything.

Search the Web

If you live under a rock or don’t know of anyone who has used a local realtor, searching online will be your primary tool to locate your next real estate agent. When searching online don’t necessarily go with the first link on google. This is likely a paid link: one that a real estate agent has paid to be showcased above others without any merit. That real estate agent may be a great one but I prefer organic results which give value to the content of the website. Search on real estate agents’ sites for reviews, check what areas they specialize is and how often their site or blog is updated. If you come across a realtor website with a blog post older than 6 months, move on. They may not even be in business anymore.

Big Names

Another alternative would be to call on your local big name brokerages such as CENTURY 21, RE/Max or Coldwell Banker and ask to speak with an experienced real estate agent in your area. Big name real estate companies typically have great training for their agents and you can have some confidence they will be around should something happen during the course of the transaction. This can also have it’s downsides since you have very little control over who the will connect you to.

Trust Your Gut

At the end of the day, your instincts will best guide you as to how to choose your real estate agent. If something seems off, don’t take the chance. I’ve met with countless buyers and sellers who had gone through terrible experiences with their past realtors simply because they worked with the first real estate agent that came their way. Don’t get burned and do your homework.

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