6 Ways to Add Value to Your Home

6Ways smallerThinking about selling your home soon and want to make it more attractive? Here are six easy things you can do to add value to your home today:

1 popcorn ceilingRemove Popcorn Ceiling

Popular in the 80’s, popcorn ceilings are a big turn off for buyers looking for that move-in ready home. A simple (yet messy) DIY project will be worth the effort. If you aren’t the do it yourself type, this process is relatively inexpensive to hire someone to do it for you.


2 matching appliancesMatch Your Appliances

You don’t have to spend thousands on a kitchen remodel when you don’t plan on living there for that much longer. A clean and consistent look will add to your kitchen space.


3 landscapeDon’t Forget Your Landscape

As much as many emphasize the interior of a home, many buyers never step foot in a property they dislike on arrival. Making sure your landscape is clutter-free and groomed will surely prevent any missed opportunities. Curb appeal is key.


4 new doorYour Front Door

Investing in a new front door could be the key to getting your home sold. I cannot tell you how many times a buyer has told me “The door sold me on this home”. If a new door is out of the question, just know this, your front door will determine the buyer’s expectation of your home.


5 lightingGet The Lighting Right

Soft and natural lighting is always recommended. In fact, having all the lights on during a showing is a must to better showcase the home. Consider the lighting in your bathrooms and kitchen, many featured recessed fluorescent lighting up until the late 90’s. Get those out and replace them with more contemporary fixtures and can lights.


6 paintWhen In Doubt, Paint

Inexpensive and easy to do, adding a fresh coat of paint can make all the difference. The smell of new paint can even make buyers feel just a little more confident the property has been well taken care of and is ready to move in. One thing to keep in mind: Paint for the masses, not for yourself. In other words, just because you like tangerine orange doesn’t mean everyone else does and please, please, please the ceiling should never be painted any color. Just don’t do it! This detracts from any positive feature your home may have.

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