San Diego’s Best Restaurants

Living in the greater San Diego area has it’s advantages. The weather, the beaches, the lifestyle. But living in such an outgoing city also has it’s challenges like choosing a restaurant. Even with so many choices, I generally tend to stick with what I know and visit the same handful of restaurants I’ve learned to love. So how can someone like me find some exciting new restaurants?

With some help from Zagat, here are San Diego’s best restaurants:

Candelas, Mexican

Iterestingly enough, I’ve actually been to Candellas a couple times with my wife for a romantic night out. The candel lit dining room sets a relaxing tone for a delicious meal to come.
Although mentioned here as “Mexican Food” it’s really not in my opinion but if you ask, the response will be “Mexico City Food”. That’s good enough for me. I’ve rarely been disappointed in their food and the service is excellent.

Buon Appetito, Italian

A great litle place in Downtown’s Little Italy, Buon Appetito is another great find for the Pizza lover in your family.
I’ve personaly never had any issues with this restaurant but judging by some of the reviews from people I’ve seen it’s a hit or miss.

Sushi Ota, Japanese

Sushi Ota in Pacific Beach is located in a little strip mall off of Mission Bay Drive. From the reviews here, you can’t get any better when it comes to sushi. Freshest fish, amazing presentation and off menu items makes Sushi Ota my next destination for sushi.

Dumpling Inn, Chinese

My family and I aren’t too big on Chinese food except for the occasional chow mein at Panda Express so I’m not too familiar with Dumpling Inn. From the look of things, the quality of food surpases any other Chinese restaurant but tends to get pretty busy.(which is a good sigh) If Chinese is your thing then you should definitely check it out.

Oceanaire, Seafood

On our fist visit to Oceanaire in the Gaslamp, I made the mistake to order a fried platter, not kowing it was going to be fried(again my mistake) so it didn’t surprise me that my food was so so. However if you order anything else, you are sure to be satisfied. Great service, decor, fresh oysters and seafood. Oceanaire is the home of Chef Brian Malarkey, made famous on Bravo’s “Top Chef”.

Morton’s, Steak House

About a block from Oceanaire, you’ll find the best steakhouse around. Morton’s Steakhouse is fine dinning at it’s best(with the price to go with it). Prime steaks and an excellent wine list complimented by outstanding service. The only draw back is the low ceilings making it feel a bit crowded.

What makes San Diego so great is the abundance of choices available to us each and every day. If none of these fine restaurants stuck a chord with you, rest assured there are thousands more to choose from.

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