The Only Agent We Will Ever Use

My wife and I were just plain lucky and blessed to have stumbled across Daniel as our real estate agent.. We had just begun the process of looking for a new home and had no idea where to start or how to pick an agent. We had purchased our previous home through the builder so it was a much simpler process. We met Daniel at an open house and while there he took the time to walk me through the home selling and buying process and what to expect. Later that night my wife and I decided to go with him which was the best decision we could have made.

Because we were new to the process, we had a never ending list of questions which Daniel took the time to walk us through each one. I have a personality where I feel I need to have control and because of this I was calling Daniel in the very early morning hours almost every day to get status and the way forward with both the selling and buying process. It wasn’t until much later did I find out I was actually calling him so early that he hadn’t even left his house yet but he never acted frustrated with me and never asked me to not call him so early which shows the true professional that he is.

Ultimately Daniel was able to get multiple offers on our home that were over asking price within 12 days of listing and to my surprise, through his marketing and unparalleled abilities he was able to do this in the month of December which I had reservations about because I didn’t think much would happen around the Holidays. Daniel also found us an amazing new home for my growing family.

My wife and I were very concerned about the time tables and coordination it would take to sell our home and purchase a new home and get everyone moved without having to move to a temporary residence but Daniel took care of everything. He stayed in constant contact with the buyers of our home and was able to get us additional time for our house hunt, purchase and move.

If you are looking for a trustworthy real estate agent that has UNLIMITED patience, professionalism and talent beyond compare, Daniel Di Matteo is the person you are looking for. On the day he gave us the keys to our new home, I told him that he would be the only agent we ever use again.

I’d like to also add that its been several months since our selling and buying with Daniel was completed and he still contacts us just to ask how our family is doing and how the house has been for us.

Tyler S.
Cole Grade Dr/ Long View Dr, Chula Vista CA 91915
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