Hard Worker and Extremely Patient

There is a reason why Daniel received so many awards and it’s because he’s a really hard worker and extremely patient, he will not only go the extra mile, he will go ten extra miles for you. After dealing with a couple of real estate agents, one of my wife’s coworkers talked a lot about what a great experience she had working with Daniel so we decided to reach out to him at one of his seminars. We were really impressed with Daniel, he would respond to our emails within an hour. We once thought he would stop working with us because we (like most of first time homeowners) were so picky about properties but not him, he would always be there with a great sense of humor and loaded with patience and information about the property and surroundings. He helped us negotiate the price and closing cost, and took us through the stressful process of closing. He also gave us the best advice I’ve ever had in the home buying business “you can change your house to what you want it to be, but you can’t change the location”. We are so thankful for those words of wisdom because our actual house is great for our family.”

Jose J.
Douglas Street, Chula Vista CA 91910
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