Expert Knowledge

We couldn’t have asked for a better real estate agent than Daniel Di Matteo. Daniel Di Matteo was a great agent to work with. He took the time to really understand all of our needs and thus did not waste our time showing us properties he knew we wouldn’t be interested in, which we really valued. Daniel Di Matteo kept us up to date throughout the entire process from beginning to end with regular personalized check-ins, and made sure we were 100% satisfied with any decisions we made. The real estate market is tough to navigate and you can easily be taken advantage of if you don’t have the right agent on your side like Daniel Di Matteo. His expert knowledge on the market helped us secure the highly desirable property we wanted, while his incredible patience, attention to detail and frequent updates made the process very easy for everyone. When you work with Daniel Di Matteo, you will quickly see how great he is to work with and that he truly has YOUR best interest in mind. We will certainly work with him again!”

Natasha D.
Margerum Ave, San Diego CA 92120
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