San Diego’s Best Restaurants

Living in the greater San Diego area has it’s advantages. The weather, the beaches, the lifestyle. But living in such an outgoing city also has it’s challenges like choosing a restaurant. Even with so many choices, I generally tend to stick with what I know and visit the same handful of restaurants I’ve learned to […]

Real Estate A Generational Opportunity

With interest rates at ridiculous lows and affordability quite high, you may have been hearing that this is the best time to buy a home, an investment property or just about any real estate. I’ve even heard from some economists calling this a generational opportunity to buy, meaning this will be and is the best […]

I Am Upside Down, Now What? [Part 1]

I’m upside down, now what? We hear more and more these days about the growing number of home owners falling behind on their mortgage payments. With the over development of housing in San Diego county and especially in east chula vista during the peak of the housing bubble, it makes sense that these areas would […]

2010 Property Taxes to Dip

San Diego County homeowners can look forward to a very slight decrease in property taxes next year — the equivalent of two tall mochas at Starbucks — as a result of the first decline in the state consumer price index on record. The state Board of Equalization estimates that the index dropped 0.2 percent over […]