Investors Eye Real Estate as Stock Prices Fall

Have you payed any attention to the global economy lately? If not, you may have felt it in the form of your 401K or any other investment vehicles you may have. The stock markets have been falling significantly for the past couple of days and we’re not talking a few points here and there, yesterday the Dow […]

Fannie Mae Assists Struggling Military Families

The Federal National Mortgage Association also known as Fannie Mae announced plans to assist military families stuggling to keep up with their mortgage payments due to death or injury of a service member. The plan outlines a 6 month reduction or even suspension of their mortgage payments to allow these families to get back on […]

Next 6 Months: Best Real Estate Opportunity

Although many have been burned by the housing market within last 4 years, homeownership continues to be the best long term investment there is. Few people argue the benefits of owning your home versus renting as shown in a recent paper by the National Association of Realtors which listed the overwhelming social benefits of home […]

Upside Down Mortgages Could Get Worse

As signs of price stability in the housing market appear throughout the country, the areas most hit by the downturn still face an overwhelming number of under water mortgages. While these markets saw a tremendous increase in home values between 2002 and 2005, many home buyers jumped for the opportunity to get in, with many […]