What $350,000 buys you in Eastlake

Chula Vista’s real estate market (home prices) has greatly benefited from the recent decline in homes for sale in Chula Vista. This is especially true in East Chula Vista’s neighborhoods such as Eastlake, Otay Ranch, Rolling Hills, Winding Walk and Rancho Del Rey. Here is what you can expect to find when searching homes for […]

Headlines in Real Estate for week ending February 1st 2013

Home prices post biggest jump in six years CNNMoney Home prices in 20 major cities were up 5.5 percent in November compared with a year earlier, their biggest jump in more than six years. Read the full story First Time Buyer’s Top 3 Questions Answered Di Matteo Group First-time home buyers entering the housing market […]

What $550,000 buys you in Coronado

By many standards, $550,000 is quite a large sum and will likely buy you a large piece of property in most places. Coronado however, is not like most places. In fact, should you decide to step in to the Coronado real estatemarket with $550,000 today, your only choices will be the three properties below. That’s […]

Interest Rates, how long can a trend continue

If you’ve heard anyone speak on the topic of interest rates for the past year or so you may have heard the phrase “all time low” here and there. The fact is we have experienced several all time lows for a couple of years which have helped the housing market regain it’s footing since its collapse […]

Owning a Home is Still the Dream [Infographic]

Owning a home has always been synonymous with the “American Dream” but with the heart ache brought on by the collapse of the housing market, do most Americans still believe owning a home is the American Dream? Was this useful? Share or leave a comment below!

Housing demand too strong for supply

It wasn’t too long ago when for sale and foreclosure signs lined our streets and neighborhoods for months on end with buyers afraid to make a move only to see home values drop more. Those days however are long gone. In San San Diego County, a home seller can expect to receive multiple offers on […]

Why it feels homes sell before you get to them

In todays competitive real estate market many buyers find themseves frustrated at their choice of homes available. This can be especially true of those home buyers scouring the web without the help of a real estate professional or at least a competent one. The would be buyer will perform countless searches through consumer websites such […]

Guide to buying real estate at auctions

Many home buyers think that real estate auctions are the best way to get a good deal on a home.  While there are certainly deals to be had, auctions also can be dangerous for buyers. Here are a few tips for those brave enough to take on real estate auctions. Buyers planning to attend an […]

The shifting desires of homebuyers [Infographic]

As time goes by priorities and circumstances tend to change not only our lives but our expectations and needs. This especially holds true to the way we live and the features of the homes we live in. Here’s a look at some of the trends which point to changes in homebuyers’ needs and wants over […]

Headlines in Real Estate for week ending December 28th 2012

The Fiscal Cliff impact on struggling homeowners, solutions to low appraisals, first time buyers, November prices and sales jump in this weeks real estate headlines you may have missed. What to do when an appraisal comes in below the selling price The Washington Post As the real estate market heats up and prices continue to […]