What is The White House Worth?

If you had several million burning in your pocket and were itching to make a grand real estate purchase, what could it buy you? Well, according to Zillow, $385 Million is just enough to buy The White House. Side note: Both candidates spent roughly $1 Billion in the 2012 election with the hopes of calling the White House their […]

5811 Streamview Dr, San Diego, CA 92105

5811 Streamview Dr, San Diego, CA 92105 3 Bedrooms | 1 Baths | 1,154 Sqft. | $329,000 – $349,000 Great curb appeal, upgraded kitchen with granite counters, stainless steel appliances, tile flooring, recessed lighting, over-sized master bedroom and so many more great features can be found in this single-story property. Private and spacious yard, dual pane […]

Drones in Real Estate. Good or Bad?

The use of drones has become common practice in the high end real estate market to showcase properties from nearly every vantage point to prospective buyers online. As the Times video points out, the FAA (Federal Aviation Administration) currently prohibits the use of drones for commercial purposes such as the use by real estate professionals to […]

Why Buying A Home Requires A Local Expert

When buying a home you have a lot on you mind. Financing, closing costs, contingencies and even crazy sellers at times. Having confidence in your real estate agent shouldn’t be something left to chance. Buying a home is nothing like selling a home. I can confidently say I can list any property from San Diego […]

Your First Step To Buying a Home: Prepare

What happens when you don’t prepare for for something? It either doesn’t happen or does so with so much added stress, cost, time and energy. This is true of all aspects of your life and applies just as much to the home buying process. If you do not prepare, expect a bumpy road ahead. “Before […]

San Diego Property Tax Deadline Today

It’s the most, wonderful time, of the y… wait a minute. Before you go dancing around in the Holiday spirit, did you remember to pay your first installment property taxes yet? If not, you better hustle because today is the deadline before the County assesses a 10% penalty. Ouch! That’s not cheap. For many San Diego […]

How Buyers & Sellers Choose a Real Estate Firm [Infographic]

Much is said about the importance of carefully choosing a real estate agent to work with. You can find many articles and blogs aimed at answering the question of how to choose a real estate agent and will all differ in some fashion. The reason is because choosing a realtor is a very personal choice with […]

The Hardest Part of Being a Real Estate Agent

From the outside looking in, real estate agents have it easy. They work whenever they want, make lots of money and hardly do anything. How hard can it be? The truth is real estate is anything but easy. As professionals, we face constant struggles being in this industry. For me, these are some of the […]

The real difference between cash and financing

Is a cash offer really better than a financed offer to purchase a home? We’ve all heard the expression “Cash is King”, But have you thought of why? Check out the video below and let us know your thoughts.

Buyers’ Social Media Use On The Rise [infographic]

Searching for tips, looking for agent referrals- These are just some of the ways today’s Buyers are turning to social media as part of their home-buying process. Here’s an infographic showing how many, and why, buyers are using this tool:   C.A.R. 2014 Survey of California Home Buyers indicated that 77% of home buyers used […]